Publicerat 14 februari 2020


Sony is turning free-to-play mega-hit FPS CrossFire into a movie

Sony Pictures, which is already in the process of adapting Monster Hunter and Uncharted for the big screen, has a new video game movie in the works based on developer Smilegate Entertainment's massively popular free-to-play FPS CrossFire.Although CrossFire isn't exactly a household name in the west, it's absolutely huge in China and Southeast Asia, having amassed over 650 million registered players since its initial launch in 2007, making it one of the most played PC games in the world. It's primarily known for its Counter-Strike-like competitive multiplayer mode, in which two teams - representing mercenary corporations Black List and Global Risk - race to complete different objective-based scenarios.A new instalment, CrossFireX, is scheduled to arrive on Xbox One later this year, and Smilegate has drafted in Alan Wake and Control studio Remedy to create its single-player story campaign, which should help raise the series' profile in the west.Read more
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Publicerat 14 februari 2020 22:13

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