Publicerat 14 februari 2020


Save up to 75% in the Humble Store's VR Sale

With Half-Life: Alyx's release date now officially confirmed by Valve as 23rd March, it's a good time to be getting hold of a VR headset.While that's potentially a huge investment for just one game, it's also an opportunity to get hold of the many other VR experiences already available. Just as well that there's currently a VR sale over on The Humble Store.Being the most supportive of the technology, Bethesda arguably has the biggest showing here, with 50 per cent discounts on the following:Read more
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Publicerat 14 februari 2020 16:58

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Lanseringsdatum: 19 november 1998

Enhet: Sony Playstation 2, PC, Mac, Linux

Genre: Shooter, Action, First person shooter

Utvecklare: Valve Corporation, Valve, Gearbox/Valve

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